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API Integration Services

API Integration Services

An API(Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming code that enables data transmission between one software product and another. It also contains the terms of this data exchange.

An API integration is the connection between two or more applications, via their APIs, that lets those systems exchange databetween each other. API integrations power processes throughout many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue.Today, in our app-connected world, API integration is critical to all organizations.

API integration has proved to be the much-needed solution as it allows the sharing of process and enterprise data among applications in a given ecosystem. It improves the flexibility of information and service delivery, as well as makes the embedding of content from different sites and apps easy.

Our API Integration Services includes:

  • Custom API Development: We create dedicated APIs for web services. We enable SaaS providers to integrate their services with clients’ services, but we also create API for internal use, so-called first-party API.
  • Third-party API Integrations: We provide integration services through API for web services. We provide full support and implementation and take care of proper performance and security of the connections between services.
  • API Testing Automation: We create automated tests to verify the correctness and performance of APIs. We simulate the conditions under which the API will be used. We prepare a report and implement optimizations.
  • Payment API Integration: Payment API is one of the most popular ones. We integrate the payment API and make the payment process on the site more secure and reliable.