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Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance Service

TradeHolders Software Services offers best website maintenance service in India. Website maintenance service basically refers to maintaining the website up to date that means updating the company the latest news, the latest developments, investor relations, company financial results, new project deals and much more.

Website maintenance services also includes all activities for keeping a close eye on the website issues and fix them as they are discovered. The idea is to make sure the website remains functional without any loss in user experience and/or downtime.

Website maintenance is quite vast. Website maintenance includes all aspects of website designing and website development, which includes the browser compatibility which is the most important aspect.

The below are the few element of our Website Maintenance Service:

  • Changes in the existing page of a website
  • Run a backup to ensure that the data on your website remains safe
  • Adding new web pages or modifying and maintaining the existing links and pages
  • Update the software and plugins you are using on your site
  • Check the pages to ensure that there aren’t any broken links
  • Find 404 errors on your website and fix them
  • Modifying content and graphics in website
  • Product details changes for ecommerce website
  • New Product additions in ecommerce website
  • Pricing changes for your existing products in ecommerce website
  • Maintaining your complete shopping cart
  • Check all the forms to ensure that they are running without a hitch
  • Remove spam comments from posts or pages on your site